Ann and Jim Taylor have owned and operated the Bald Eagle Valley Alpaca Ranch in Julian, Pa. since Sept. 14, 2007, beginning only with four pregnant females. Today, they own 39 alpaca's and take care of the farm as full-time job. Acoustic Instrumental by Hyde - Free Instrumentals Creative Commons — Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported— CC BY-ND 3.0 Music provided by Music for Creators

Rich Stever, head sandblaster at Mayes Memorials, talks about his experience working at his father's company for the last nine years.

In November 2015, Christina Fahey, a student at University of Maryland, discovered Hooping. Hooping is a dance group that focuses on finding inner peace, joy and making new friends through rhythmic hula hooping. Here, Fahey shares how hooping helped her find a new sense of confidence by allowing her to escape her thoughts and insecurities through the group's the uplifting and positive community. (Video shot and edited by Lexi Lehman.)

Junior kinesiology student Emily Nader shares her story about working with birds in the centralized biological laboratory at Penn State University. (Video shot and edited by Lexi Lehman.)

John Nguyen discovered Penn State's Tea Institute through a friend of his. Since then, his passion for the tea community has only continued to grow through working at the TeaParker Tea House, a student-run traditional Chinese and Korean tea house located in the basement of the Ritenour Building. The tea house is open to the public and offers an exclusive menu of handpicked, master-sourced teas, which are prepared by Nguyen and other approved brewers. (Video reporting by Emeling Navas, edited by Lexi Lehman.)

Jennifer Thurston, Director of Colorado's Information Network for Responsible Mining (INFORM), speaks to Earthworks about her concerns about the future of mining. (Video shot by Alan Septoff, Edited by Lexi Lehman)

Carl Wassilie, a member of the Yup'ik tribe, speaks to Earthworks about his fears of the proposed Donlin Gold mine. (Video shot by Alan Septoff, edited by Lexi Lehman)

Dr. Lilias Jarding, Thunder Valley CDC's Director of Evaluation, speaks to Earthworks about her outlook on mining after experiencing its negative effects in the Black Hills, South Dakota. (Video shot by Alan Septoff, edited by Lexi Lehman)